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MTR Corporation

Every day, MTR connects people and communities. As a recognised world-class operator of sustainable rail transport services, we are a leader in safety, reliability, customer service and efficiency.


MTR has extensive end-to-end railway expertise with more than 40 years of railway projects experience from design to planning and construction through to commissioning, maintenance and operations. Going beyond railway delivery and operation, MTR also creates and manages dynamic communities around its network through seamless integration of rail, commercial and property development.


With more than 40,000 dedicated staff*, MTR carries over 12 million passenger journeys worldwide every weekday in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and the Mainland of China. MTR strives to grow and connect communities for a better future.


For more information about MTR Corporation, please visit  www.mtr.com.hk

*includes our subsidiaries and associates in Hong Kong and worldwide.

About “Community Connect”
“Community Connect” is the Corporation’s platform for initiatives that aims to support everyone from the young to the old while enhancing the liveability of our city. What all programmes have in common is that they’ve been carefully developed to nurture the communities we serve, so that together we can grow and thrive in a sustainable Hong Kong. Specifically,  

  • We invest in young people as they are our customers, future leaders, innovators, and game changers – supporting their development is an investment in our communities’ futures.

  • We contribute to making cities more connected and vibrant through staff volunteering, and collaborating with NGOs and social enterprises to address evolving community needs.

  • We enhance the travelling experience through integrating art into our station architecture and facilitating artists to stage their art related activities or displays in our stations and malls.


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Email: venus.ho@anbhk.com