STEM Challenge

The award scheme aims to encourage students to apply their creativity and technical skills to develop a solution to solve a real-world issue.  Through the process of concept development, students strengthen their observation skills, problem identification and problem-solving skills, and further refine their communications and presentation skills.


  • Form 2 – Form 5 students who have attended STEM@MTR school talks

  • Participating teams must be nominated by their schools

  • Each team should consist of 4-6 members from the same school

  • Each school can nominate a maximum of 3 teams


  • Three best performing teams and their guiding teachers  will be invited to visit MTR Corporation’s operations outside Hong Kong. Currently, MTR Corporation operates in Australia, Europe and Mainland China.

  • Other awards include:
    - Most Innovative Project  
    - Best Application of STEM Subjects
    - Most Creative Model
    - Best Application of Theme: Innovation for
      Sustainable Infrastructure

  • The winning teams and all short-listed teams will be awarded book coupons

Details of the Challenge


Proposal Submission

Theme: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Each team are required to submit one proposal that shares their vision for the theme. For additional information about the theme, please see Reference Materials.

The proposal should include:

  • A model containing micro:bit and recycled materials to showcase IoT and AI applications 

  • A PowerPoint presentation (max. 10 slides) explaining their concept

  • A video (max 4 minutes) explaining the concept and showing the operation of the model

  • Free micro:bit workshops will be provided to all participants and their teachers.

The Organisers will provide one set of IoT:bit Kit for the building of the model to each team that enrolled in the Challenge.

To enrol, the teacher-in-charge must complete and submit the online enrolment form 

Proposal submission deadline: 17: 00 of 28 March 2019 Submit a proposal


Please note that an illustration / concept of the model will suffice in the proposal submission phase.

Pitch Day (Late April / Early May 2020 (tentative)

Short-listed teams will be invited to present their proposals and models on the Pitch Day where judges will select three best performing teams.

Three best performing teams and their teachers will be invited to visit MTR Corporation’s operations outside Hong Kong in late June / early July 2020.

Other winning teams and shortlisted teams will be awarded book coupons.

Evaluation Rubric

題材 切合主題 創新 創意 可行性 分析 善用邏輯思考 活用STEM知識 具啟發性 具洞察力 建議 照顧社會需要 具成本效益 具環保效益 具擴展性 表達方法 清晰 美觀性及視覺效果 具吸引力 模型的功能 表達方法 清晰 美觀性及視覺效果 具吸引力 模型的功能 建議 照顧社會需要 具成本效益 具環保效益 具擴展性 題材 切合主題 創新 創意 可行性

Micro:bit Workshop

Four levels of micro:bit with IoT and AI applications workshops are provided to participants of STEM Challenge.  

Each participant and their teacher in-charge can enrol at most one workshop at each level. The Organisers reserve the right to recover the cost of the workshop(s) and the cost of material(s) should the team drop out of the Challenge after attending the workshops and receiving the IoT:bit Kit and/or the project tool(s).

Workshop schedule will be announced later.