Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Programme free-of-charge?

School talks, workshops, and the STEM Challenge are provided for free. 


Who can enrol in micro:bit workshops?

Micro:bit workshops are intended for students and the teacher in-charge participating in the Challenge only. Participants can take at most one workshop at each level.

What is the target group for the Programme? 
• The Programme is suitable for F.2 to F.5 students regardless of their interest and knowledge in STEM subjects.  
• Participants of the STEM Challenge must be currently studying F.2-F.5 in Hong Kong.
Participants aged below 18 shall get 
   consent from their parent or guardian for their participation in the Challenge.


In which language will the Programme be conducted?
The school talks and micro:bit workshops will be conducted in Cantonese. Presentation materials for talks are mainly in Chinese, supplemented in English whenever necessary. Special arrangements can be made for English-speaking audience.

Students joining the STEM Challenge can submit their proposals in Chinese or English.


Will there be certificates for participating students? 

The Organisers will award a certificate to all students who have attended workshop(s) and submitted a team proposal for the STEM Challenge.  

About the School Talk


When will the school talks take place?
The school talks will take place from September 2019 - February 2020. The Organisers will liaise with individual schools to determine the exact time. 


What are the requirements for school talks?

MTR colleagues will visit individual schools to deliver the talks for at least 100 students in the audience. Schools with fewer students should consider joining joint-school talks. 

What equipment is required from the school for the talk?

Participating schools are required to provide a function room or a hall which can accommodate students who attend the talk, and have presentation facilities such as sound system, connecting cable, and projector available. The Organisers will be bringing their own laptop. 

About STEM Challenge


What particular skills are required to join the Challenge?

No particular skills are required to join the Challenge. The Organisers welcome students from all disciplines to participate in the Challenge.  


What are the submission requirements?

  • All teams are required to prepare their concept proposals in PowerPoint format in Chinese or English. It should be supplemented by a short video to explain the proposal concept and to show the model's operation.

  • Students should produce a model (no more than 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm in size ) made by micro:bit and incorporating recycled materials to showcase IoT and AI applications .  

  • The Organisers will provide a set of IoT:bit Kit to each participating team for building the model. Micro:bit workshops at different levels will be offered to students and the teacher-in-charge participating in the Challenge. 


Is it a must to attend at least one workshop or all levels of workshop?

No, it is not a pre-requisite to enter the Challenge. It is an optional item offered to support participating teams of the Challenge.

When will workshops take place?

Workshops at different levels will be offered between October 2019 and February 2020. They are intended for the participating students of the STEM Challenge and their teacher in-charge.  Each participant and his/her teacher can enrol at most one workshop at each level. 


Can my team enrol in the Challenge if we do not sign up the school talk?

All participating schools of the Challenge must sign up the school talks prior to joining the Challenge. The school talks will provide information about the Challenge.  


Can my team reuse a proposal previously submitted to another competition?

  • The Organisers do not accept any proposals or concepts which were submitted to other competition and have received recognition. Proposals or concepts will be accepted only if such proposals or concepts have not received any recognition and with the condition that the participating team can clearly explain how they have improved or refined the previously submitted work.  Recognition includes all prizes and categorical award.  

  • The participating teams must seek prior consent from the Organisers if they intend to submit its proposal simultaneously to another organisation for competition. The Organisers will not grant approval if the other programme is organised, co-organised or sponsored by a commercial entity(ies).


Can my team submit more than one proposal for the Challenge?
Each team can only submit one proposal. 


Can my team use the proposal for other purposes? 
Yes, they can as long as it is not intended for entry to another competition. However, MTR Corporation owns and reserves the right to promote the design and idea under all circumstances. 


What do we need to prepare for the Pitch Day if our team are shortlisted?

  • On the Pitch Day, each shortlisted team will  present their ideas and model to the panel of judges in Cantonese or English, followed by a Q&A session. 

  • All shortlisted teams will be invited to join a briefing session prior to the Pitch Day.

Is there any cost for the best performing teams to join the study tour?
MTR Corporation will cover flight, hotel, local transportation and meals for the study tour.

In response to the Education Bureau’s latest announcement on the gradual resumption of secondary school classes, we stand ready to re-arrange School Talks as needed.  We will contact schools enrolled to understand their needs and make appropriate arrangements. Schools interested can also contact Ms Ho of our co-organiser Above and Beyond Education:

Tel: 6385 8632

We sincerely thank all teachers and students for their continued support.