In response to the Education Bureau’s latest announcement on the gradual resumption of secondary school classes, we stand ready to re-arrange School Talks as needed.  We will contact schools enrolled to understand their needs and make appropriate arrangements.


Schools interested can also contact Ms Ho of our co-organiser Above and Beyond Education:

Tel: 6385 8632

School Talks

School Talks─STEM@MTR 

Date: September 2019 – February 2020

Duration: 60-90 minutes*


MTR colleagues will share the application of STEM subjects in railway operation in an interactive way.  The talk will cover the application of basic maths, physics and other science disciplines.    


In the 2018 -19 school year, we covered how maths and physics were factored into the exterior and interior design of a train.  The talks also imparted how problem-solving frameworks, such as mind map, could help students identify problems and develop relevant solutions.  


The talks are suitable for students enrolled in F2 – F5.


*Exact time and duration to be discussed with individual schools. Schools with fewer than 100 students per talk should consider joining joint-school talks. 

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STEM Challenge

2019/20 workbook

(Chinese only)

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Schools interested please contact our co-organiser Above and Beyond Education

School Talk 2017-2018 highlights

Ever wondered why MTR stations are located where they are? In the 2017-18 school year, MTR colleagues shared how STEM subjects are applied in determining the location of a station, the design of a station, and in the construction process.


The talk also shared how our colleagues used problem-solving frameworks, e.g. mind map and fishbone diagram, to help us enhance operational efficiency.

Highlights of 2017–2018 School Talks (Chinese only)